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Data selection page

The core element of the system is the statistical data table (or simply table), whose characteristics can be expressed by the user by navigating the system and setting some selection parameters:
The object of interest is a statistical parameter typically corresponding to the application of an aggregation function (or more complex statistical analysis functions) to specific collections of units of analysis. Examples of objects are: resident population, residential density, percentage of population 65 and over on total population, etc.
The classifications correspond to the statistical characteristics used to classify the units of analysis and represent the dimensions of analysis according to which the table's object is classified.
The territory represents the spatial reference of data. In particular, to define a "territory" means to indicate both a territorial partitioning (e.g. administrative, Employment Local System), the displayed data will refer to, and the territory itself, that is the particular area of interest and its relative detail of analysis (e.g. Bosnia and Herzogovina, geographical area detail). In case all tables in the system refer to only one territorial partitioning, its selection will be automatically performed by the system.
The year represents the time reference. In case all tables in the system refer to only one year, its selection will be automatically performed by the system.

The data selection page allowing the user to select the above mentioned parameters initially appears as in the following figure

img 1a

and can be ideally divided in two sections: the panel of selections already made and the panel of (further) possible selections.

The panel of selections already made displays the selections performed for each parameter as well as the number of statistical tables that meet the current selection criteria.

The panel of possible selections contains five virtual folders, corresponding to the selection parameters ("Objects", "Classifications", "Territory" and "Year") plus one on the right of the page containing the list of tables relative to the selections made ("Tables"). Yet, sometimes some of these folders may be empty or disabled, as described in their relative sections. The content of each folder can be viewed clicking on the corresponding tab.

As already said above, two default parameters may be set, when initially accessing the system: year and territorial partitioning. In fact, in case of only one reference year, the system will select it automatically, and the same goes for territorial partitionings.

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