Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Quick guide to the system
In the following we briefly show how statistical tables can be selected and viewed:

quick guide 1

In the Objects card select the object of interest

quick guide 2

In the Classification card select one of the classifications of interest

quick guide 3

Select the second classification

quick guide 4

In the Territory card select the desired combination area-detail

quick guide 5

Upon completion of table feautures definition, select the Tables card

quick guide 6

Select the table of interest from the proposed list

quick guide 7

The user may also combine different objects in the same table, for example: Foreign citizens, Number of households and Resident population.
In this case choose all objects of interest at the step 1. Note that the Classifications card will be disabled when multiple objects have been selected
Upon completion of the object (and possibly year and territory) selection, select the Tables card and choose the single tables to be visualised

To better exploit the system's more advanced features, click here.

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