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Selection of the territory

The selection of desired data can also start from the parameter territory.

If no previous selection is made, the folder produces all the territorial partitionings and the years for which statistical tables are available.

If, on the contrary, one or more parameters are already selected, the list will contain only those territorial partitionings and years for which there are statistical tables compatible with the selections made.

img 8a

It is worth noting that in case only one object is selected, the list of territorial partitionings and years represents the space-time set for which the related tables are available, whereas, in case more objects are selected, the list represents the space-time set for which there are both tables related to the former and tables related to the latter object. If, for example, an object like "Indicators concerning education" was selected and the corresponding tables were available for the years 2006 and 2008, the list would appear as follows:

img 8a

Similarly, in case of selection of two objects like "Indicator of... " and "Number of...", the list would appear as shown in the picture above only if there were both tables related to the former and tables related to the latter object for the years 2006 and 2008.

It is possible to select only the entry related to the desired partitioning clicking on its name, or to select directly one of the years beneath the partitioning. In this latter case, years and territorial partitioning will be selected simultaneously. Selecting only the target partitioning allows to display, on the relative folders that are automatically updated, all the objects or tables available for the selected partitioning, as well as possibly associated classifications, regardless of the year. The combined selection of partitioning and year, instead, allows to display all the objects, tables and classifications available referring to the selected partitioning and year.

Once a pair 'territorial partitioning' - 'reference year' is selected, it is possible to proceed with the selection of the territory clicking on one of the links, on the basis of the area and detail of interest.

img 8a

Note that in case all tables in the system refer to only one territorial partitioning, its selection will be automatically performed by the system. No selection is made instead for the specific territory (area and detail), that shall be selected by the user.

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