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Selection of the classifications

The folder Classifications contains the list of classifications stored in the system.

It should be kept in mind that, in case previous selections are made, such list will only contain the classifications consistent with such selections.

Furthemore, in case several objects are selected, this folder will be disabled. Similarly to what described for the selection of the object, the selection of one or more classifications reduces the number of compatible objects, years, territories and tables.

To select a classification it is sufficient to click on the corresponding name within the hierarchy.

img 7a
img 7a

Further classifications can be selected, as long as there are classifications consistent with the selections already made.

img 7a

It is worth noting that the same generic classification can be selected more than once: this because some tables may be classified by two classifications descending from the same generic classification, i.e. different and more refined, although belonging to the same portion of hierarchy.

img 7b

Now it is possible to proceed with the selection of the object, year or territory, or directly to the selection of a table.

img 7c

In case the same generic classification is selected two (or more) times, the list will contain all the tables presenting two (or more) classifications, each one more specific than the selected one.

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