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Selection of the object

The folder Objects contains the list of available objects. It should be kept in mind that, in case previous selections are made, this list will only contain those objects that are consistent with the selections made.

img 6a

The name of the object is displayed in the corresponding box inside the panel of the selections made. Every selection made will result in a reduction of the number of tables compatible with the selections, whose number is indicated in the upper part of the panel: that is to say, the gradual refinement of the selection reduces the space of tables that can be displayed. A selection can be undone clicking on the icon cestino; this way the object will be removed from the current selection.

img 6

It is possible to select more or less specific objects, or more objects at the same time.

In case different objects are selected, the system disables the folder Classifications.

It is recommended, especially during the first phases of navigation, to select generic rather than specific objects, and to refine only later the selection.

Once the object is selected, it is possible to go on with the selection of the other available parameters: the order of the selections is left to the user's descretion.

It should be noted that, once one or more objects are selected, the lists displayed in the other folders will only contain what is consistent with the selected objects. For example, if the folder Classification is enabled, the list therein will be pruned from all classifications that have no statistical relevance for the selected object.

However, it is always possible to step back and remove the selections, thus restoring the complete hierarchy of classifications.

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