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Territory represents the spatial reference of data.

The folder Territory is composed of two sections.

img 4a

The first section contains the list of all the territorial partitionings and corresponding years, for which data are available in the system. During the selection process this list is updated to be maintained consistent with the selections already made.

The second section is displayed only if both a territorial partitioning and a year have been selected and contains the combinations of territorial areas and details objects can be referred to. The listed territorial areas refer to the hierarchy and the year previously selected. Also for this section, the list of territorial areas and details is updated during the selection process to be maintained consistent with the selections already made. In this section, the system allows the user to specify at the same time: the geographical area of interest (e.g. the whole country or a specific geographical area); and the level of territorial detail (e.g. national, geographical area, canton/region).

The combination of an area with a level of detail forms a territory, such as:
- the geographical areas of Bosnia Herzegovina
- the geographical area of the Federacija Bosne i Hercegovine.
- the cantons/regions of the Republika Srpska

Selections are performed by clicking the desired detail on the line corresponding to the desired area.

The navigation system is based on the typical hierarchical structure existing among territories. For example, in the administrative partitioning hierarchy, the whole country 'contains' a certain number of geographical areas which, in their turn, 'contain' a certain number of cantons/regions.

In case all tables in the system refer to only one territorial partitioning, its selection will be automatically performed by the system. No selection is made instead for the specific territory (area and detail), that shall be selected by the user.

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