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Increasing and decreasing the territorial detail

The territorial detail of the displayed table can be increased or decreased clicking on the symbols img giu and img su, respectively, which may be displayed on the Territory line of the control panel or above the side of the table, if the side of the statistical table contains one or more territories. In general, both the area and territorial detail of the currently displayed table will be affected. Clicking on the symbol img giu it is possible to increase the territorial detail, shifting to the lower level of the territorial partitioning hierarchy, for example from the national to the geographical area detail or from the geographical area to the canton/region detail. The effects on the selected area depend on the currently selected table and especially on whether the territory is used for table paging or not. If possible the territorial area of the currently displayed table is maintained. Alternatively, the selected area will correspond to the territory of the page currently displayed. For example, if a table with data related to the whole country is currently displayed, by increasing the territorial detail, a table will be displayed referring to the national area, but at the geographical area territorial detail. In case the table requires a territorial paging, due to the number of modalities of its classifications, the first territory of the geographical area territorial level (in this case the geographical area of Federacija Bosne i Hercegovine) will be automatically selected for paging, as in the following figure.

img 15a

Vice versa, clicking on the symbol img su, it is possible to decrease the territorial detail, shifting to the upper level, for instance from the canton/region to the geographical area detail or from the geographical area to the national detail. If the territorial references are on the side of the table and the corresponding entries can be clicked, the territorial detail can be increased clicking directly on one of the entries. The result will be the same table for a lower territorial level and for the territorial area corresponding to the selected entry.

img 15b

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