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Key concepts of the navigation system
 Data selection page
Functioning of the navigation system
 Selection of the object
 Selection of the classifications
 Selection of the territory
 Selection of the year
 Selection of the tables
Data navigation
  View panel of the tables
 Multi-page tables
 Removing a classification
 Adding a classification
 Changing the selection
 Changing the reference year
 Changing the territorial hierarchy
 Increasing and decreasing the territorial detail
 Increasing and decreasing the detail of a classification
 Saving tables

View page of the tables

The table of interest can be displayed in one or more pages, according to the number of classifications selected.

The view page appears as in the following picture.

img 10a

Two main sections are immediately visible: the upper section is the control panel, that contains the access mechanisms to all the navigation functions; the lower section contains the table with statistical data, or one of the pages that compose the table if it is too complex to be displayed in a single page. Above the control panel, the link 'Back to the initial table list' allows the user to go back to the table selection folder.

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