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The mission of the Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina is to provide reliable, comprehensible, high quality, timely and internationally comparable statistical data that will meet the needs of decision-makers, researchers and other national and international users and will reflect the status and changes in the economic, demographic and social domain, environment and natural resources. Collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of the statistical data is done based on statistical standards and modern technologies, while protecting statistical confidentiality, and providing of the optimal use of resources and providing for the reasonable burdening of data providers.
Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Regulations on internal organization
Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Code of Civil Servants

The Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina shall, by strengthening of its professional and infrastructure capacities and by adopting and applying the best statistical practice, achieve full alignment to the international statistical standards and the principles of the European Statistics Code of Practice, while respecting fundamental values such as expertise and professionalism, independence, impartiality and openness. Users will, under equal conditions, be provided relevant and high quality statistical data while the burden of data providers will be maintained at the reasonable level and will be proportional to the needs of users.

The values of the Agency for Statistics of Bosnia and Herzegovina are: professional independence, objectivity, orientation towards users, commitment to quality, statistical confidentiality, team work and the constant professional development of employees.
The values act as the key guiding principles, having a long-term impact and serving the implementation of the mission. Mutual trust of all participants of the process (data users, data providers and the producers of statistics) is of extreme importance and necessity. Independence of institutions and profession is the warrant for the maintenance of trust in statistical system. Knowledge, experience, joint work, respect for privacy, quality and availability to users are the values having significant impact in terms of satisfaction of users and employees. Professional independence should be strengthened by the constant professional development of employees.

The main objectives
•    Creating prerequisites for the further dynamic development of official statistics in BiH.
•    Promoting of the role and significance of the official statistics in a society, which would initiate its more extensive use.
•    Guiding development of official statistics in terms of harmonisation of standards, classifications, methodologies and statistical practice with international standards.
•    Improvement of comparability of the Statistics of BiH and the statistics of other countries and statistics of international organizations;
•    Creating grounds needed to obtain the most relevant statistical indicators.

Strategic priorities
•    Improvement of the efficiency of the Statistics of BiH
•    Strengthening of trust and recognisability of the official statistics
•    Promotion of more extensive use of statistical data among users
•    Production of high quality and user friendly statistics and
•    Optimization of the processes and tasks within the process of production of statistics